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Folow us

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We are AtomGem.

Our journey started at the beginning of 2017.

A partnership was formed with a shared love and passion for great design. A combined experience of 10+ years in the creative sector inevitably led to the beginning of AtomGem.

That year we became vegan, cut down on our waste and starting sourcing ethical print and digital products with keeping the highest of quality. We did our research and wanted to evolve this way.

It was decided to move to the country, into a log cabin and setup base. We decided we did not need an office block or a large work space.We wanted to keep it creative, minimal and a relaxing environment to produce our work.

We are always evolving our methods to improve our customer service, design and our impact on the planet.


We love design as much as our planet.

The vision is to educate the world on the benefits of ethical print and design. We are passionate about working with like-minded businesses.